Ruffledthread is a contemporary home decor brand bringing you the best of hand-made products by the finest local craftsmen around the globe!

We are on a mission to bring quality home products made through skills perfected over thousands of years to homes all over the world.

Our materials are sourced from the finest tradesmen in key locations in Africa and neighboring territories. We are strong believers in fair trade and ensure our partners are duly compensated for their craft. Our top locations for ethically-sourced materials include Nigeria, Mali, Morocco, Senegal, India, Turkey, and Indonesia (Bali).


  • We believe that culturally rarefied arts and designs from ethnic tribes are creative roots worthy of amplification.
  • We believe that age-old crafts and material production have a place in the modern world.
  • We believe in the celebration of true skill and craftsmanship acquired through generational refinement.

We are Human.

At Ruffledthread, we go beyond just about bringing quality handmade products to your home; we fuel the passion that drives the families that make these materials. These families of utterly skilled men and women are the unwavering support that drives Ruffledthread to be the best in what we do. Their passion becomes our passion.

“The weaves of the Kachchh run in our blood!”, says Vankar Devji Bhimji, on our Vintage Indian wool throw blanket.

We care about mother earth.

True to the Ruffledthread’s humanity, we use natural, locally-sourced and recyclable materials in creating our home decor product. Our plethora of products made from sheep wool, cattail stalks, vegetable dye, cotton, and more help reduce our footprint on the environment while growing our influence on humanity.

We empower generations of craftsmanship

Ruffledthread is on a deeply immersive journey of connecting with skilled families across the exotic territories; from India to Mali, to Morocco, to Turkey. Through this journey, we have been honored to meet talented craftsmen and women who have perfected their skills through generations. Ruffledthread is privileged to bring their craft right into your home.

From the skilled  hands of locals to your living room

Ruffledthread, a true black-owned business, is about bringing forth quality home decor products made from age-old techniques dating as far back as 1973. We uphold the authenticity of ethnically hand-crafted authentic vintage pieces. 

Located in Houston, Texas (USA), we are passionate about bringing the highest quality ethically-sourced home decor products to your home. We bring the diverse world of ethnic craftsmanship right to your doorstep. We are Ruffledthread ❤️!